Most Popular HIPAA Topics This Year

Here at Total HIPAA, we pride ourselves on providing many helpful resources for all businesses striving for HIPAA compliance. Our weekly blog is one of the many services we offer. As we approach the end of 2019, we reflect on the most popular HIPAA topics this year. Our analytics tell us these were the most visited pages posted on our website in 2019.   

Top 10 Most Popular HIPAA Topics This Year:

10. Self-funded vs. Fully Insured Benefits and HIPAA Compliance

This is a great blog and podcast for employers offering health benefits. This post pairs well with our ERISA article listed below. In our interview, healthcare benefits consultant and regulatory expert David Smith discusses the ways in which HIPAA impacts the different types of benefits plans. You won’t want to miss this. Read more here.

9. Cybersecurity for Small and Medium-Sizes Businesses

Here’s another podcast and blog combination on a question we get all the time: how do small and medium-sized businesses handle cybersecurity on a budget? We dive deep into this topic in our interview with Erik Kangas, the CEO and founder of LuxSci, a HIPAA compliant communications platform. Read more here.

8. Microsoft End of Support for 2019

Every year, Microsoft terminates support for a number of products. This means they no longer release security updates or technical support for any of the programs on the list. HIPAA requires covered entities and business associates to use programs that detect, guard against, and report malicious software. This is only possible when programs receive regularly security updates from the manufacturer. Read more here.

7. Why Employers Need to be HIPAA Compliant

What is ERISA and what does it have to do with HIPAA compliance? This blog breaks down additional requirements for employers that extend beyond HIPAA, but may be covered by a thorough compliance plan. If you’re an employer who offers health benefits and are on the fence about HIPAA compliance, check out this article. Read more here.

6. Managed Service Provider Helps with HIPAA Compliance  

This combination blog and podcast explain the role of a Managed Service Provider with expert advice from Carolinas IT’s Greg Manson (Director of Security, Audit, and Compliance). Hiring this type of outside IT help benefits many HIPAA compliant businesses. Read more here.

5. HIPAA Lawsuits: What You Need to Know About the Vermond Supreme Court Ruling

This year the Vermont Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that could change the way individuals hold their healthcare providers responsible for breaches of PHI; this court upheld individuals’ right to sue for a HIPAA violation – something that is not allowed under the federal regulation. Usually, complaints have to be filed with HHS and state attorneys general. Read more here.

4. Best HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption Services

This year we updated one of our most popular blogs of all time. If you’ve never seen this post before, or if you’ve read it and used our recommendations, check this out. We provide updated details and advice for choosing the email encryption service that’s best for your business. Read more here.

3. GLBA & HIPAA: How They Overlap

Health insurance agents and brokers are obligated to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which has a great deal of overlap with HIPAA. We explain how to tackle both sets of regulations so you’re covered with a compliance plan that addresses both laws. If you think GLBA may apply to you, you’ll definitely want to read this article. Read more here.

2. Protected Health Information (PHI): Everything You Need to Know About HIPAA and PHI

This post is a deep dive on PHI. It explains exactly what data qualifies and Protected Health Information and how you are expected to safeguard it. Posts number one and two are great reads for those who are new to HIPAA and/or those who want a more comprehensive understanding of the law. Read more here.

1. HIPAA Compliance Guide: All Your Questions Answered

This year we put together our most ambitious blog yet: a complete HIPAA compliance guide. This post walks you through the HIPAA law, explaining everything you need to address for compliance. Read more here.

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