Become HIPAA Compliant Today!

Health and Human Services (HHS) requires businesses that handle Protected Health Information (PHI) create HIPAA forms, train employees about HIPAA and establish procedures to protect the information. Compliance with HIPAA is challenging. The law has been updated several times. The most recent update went into effect September 2013.
Total HIPAA simplifies the process and keeps you up to date with the HIPAA law changes. We have customized training by industry experts customized to the roles employees fill in your company and document templates that have been peer reviewed for accuracy. Total HIPAA gives you the ability to maintain online training records for your company. If there is an audit by HHS you will have the documentation you need to demonstrate your compliance.
Don’t wait for HHS to come knocking on your door. Reduce the cost of becoming compliant, save time, and avoid the embarrassment of not being compliant! We have developed the easiest and most comprehensive training program on the web – It’s perfect for your company. Let us help you with your HIPAA Compliance today!


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