Celebrate Thanksgiving by Sharing: Pack for a Purpose + Disaster Relief

This week, we are taking a break from our usual HIPAA blogs to highlight a few of our favorite charities. Pack for a Purpose is an organization from our hometown, Raleigh, NC. World  Central Kitchen, The NC Disaster Relief Fund, and The One SC Fund provide aid to communities in our region that are still feeling the devastating impact of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Matthew. If you’re looking to give to a meaningful cause this holiday season, consider donating to one of the following organizations:

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose is a nonprofit organization that provides travelers with up-to-date information about needed school supplies and medical equipment for community-based projects around the world. Travelers purchase these items and use their empty suitcases to transport them to their travel destination. PfaP supports five initiatives in 65 countries around the world:

    • Education
    • Health
    • Child welfare
    • Animal welfare and
    • Socio-economic development.

To see a full list of cities and learn more about the initiatives, visit www.packforapurpose.org.  

World Central Kitchen

WCK is a nonprofit organization that partners with professional chefs to create innovative ways to reduce hunger and poverty in areas devastated by natural disasters. In addition to feeding victims of hurricanes, wildfires, floods, etc., they focus on rebuilding healthcare systems, educational facilities, jobs sites, and social enterprises. WCK is currently serving food to communities all over the world; from those impacted by wildfires in California, to citizens of Puerto Rico still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Every time a major natural disaster occurs, WCK sends a team of food experts to help. To donate or learn more, visit https://www.worldcentralkitchen.org.

North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund

The NCDRF is currently accepting donations. All proceeds will go towards meeting the most pressing needs of NC communities damaged by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Matthew. Giving money to this fund is one of the most direct ways to help North Carolinians rebuild their communities. You may give online, by mail, or via text message. To learn more about donating, click here.

One SC Fund

As a division of South Carolina’s Central Carolina Community Foundation, the One SC Fund provides financial resources to communities impacted by natural disasters. The fund distributes donations to local nonprofits so they can provide much-needed supplies for victims of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. To give, click here.

Enjoy the holiday and loved ones with whom you have the opportunity to share the time. . We’ll be back again next week with our regularly scheduled blog.

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