Employees are Failing to use Password Best Practices

A report by OneLogin shows that many employees fail to use password best practices. The report shows that Many IT execs think their password protection is sufficient, but most fail to ensure that users employ strong passwords.

Of the 500 U.S.-based IT decision makers questioned, the answers include that:

  • 87% said they have sufficient password protection policies in place
  • Some 25% of respondents don’t require user passwords to meet a minimum length requirement
  • 41% check employee passwords against common password lists
  • 24% require users to rotate passwords monthly or more
  • 54% require users to rotate passwords on a quarterly basis
  • 42% of respondents are using single sign-on (SSO) technology to manage internal access to organizational applications
  • 34% use SSO to manage external access to company applications

Most organizations don’t enforce password best practices – Health Data Management