Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spread by Flash Player Update

Internet users are facing increasing dangers due to hackers spreading malware. A new kind of malware, Bad Rabbit, has recently made its way into the virtual world. Most recently, users are tricked into thinking they are downloading an Adobe Flash Player update, but they are actually infecting their computer with ransomware. Once it’s installed, the ransomware takes control of the user’s files. Many times, infected users are offered their secure files back if they will pay a certain amount of bitcoins.

How can you avoid suffering a ransomware attack? It is possible to vaccinate devices to prevent Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks. Kaspersky Lab suggestsrestricting execution of files with the paths c:\windows\infpub.dat and C:\Windows\cscc.dat.” Alternatively, create those two files in the C:\\Windows\ directory and remove all permissions on those files for all users.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spread Via Fake Flash Player Updates – HIPAA Journal